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Never a dull moment! Let

the adventure begin...

10 Day tour  

Never a dull moment! Let the adventure

begin ... is a tour created specifically around your interests and the activities you enjoy. South Africa is a country which offers so many different outdoor activity possibilities whether that is in the air, on the ground or in its waters. Never a dull moment! Let the adventure begin ... encourages you to step off your bike and out of your comfort zones to try something new, something exhilarating and most importantly, something which will create a memory to last a life time.

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Skies of a thousand Stars

10 Day tour   

Skies of a thousand stars is a game

reserve tour giving you an insight into

the manydifferent habitats that exist

within the vast country. Ride among the many animals which inhabit the areas and then sit back and relax around a warming camp fire while staring up at the night sky filled with the numerous stars shinning bright overhead. The highlight of this tour is the once is a life time's opportunity to ride through the Kruger National Park accompanied by two extremely knowledgeable rangers. One of the final nights will be spent in the small historic town of Pilgrims Rest which was made a National Monument in 1986. 

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Battlefields of

south africa

12 Day tour   

Step into South Africa's turbulent history

and into the footsteps of Michael Caine from the movie, 'Zulu'.

There are two routes which can be done on the battle fields tour and comprise of a number of battlefields, war memorials and iconic sites from 3 different wars which took place in the country. The highlight of both tours is a 4 night stop off at a fabulous lodge near Rorkes Drift Battlefield where bike tours will be conducted to visit the sites of Rorkes Drift, Isandlwana and Blood River.

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Ride, WIne, Dine

10 Day tour   

Ride, Wine, Dine is a route which

incorporates 3 of South Africa's best

elements. Riding through its stunning

environments including the iconic Table mountain and the world renowned coastal Garden Route. A number of wines from the country's finest wine estates will be sampled and paired with delicately prepared food which is cooked by a young professional chef at the various stop over's.  

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Pre-Planned tours

​African MTB Adventures currently hosts six pre-planned tours offering you the opportunity to experience various stunning parts of South Africa at various times throughout the year. 



12 Day tour   

This trip is not one for the faint hearted and

requires a good level of fitness. It involves elements of South Africa's history such as exploring the battle fields of Rorkes Drift and Isandlwana. It then heads South to one of South Africa's best bike park which will get you ready for a long ride up the prestigious Sani pass into the Kingdom of Lesotho. After conquering this challenge, three days will be spent in the Drakensberg mountain range tackling many of its technical climbs and descents.

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Custom Trips

Your choice

Prices: Based on your needs/ requirements and interests.

African MTB Adventures specialises in custom tours. Trips are specifically made to match your requirements. This can include elements such as your budget, fitness levels, interests and any additional matters you may have or want. (Click here for more information)


10 day Tour   

This tour is a whistle stop tour of the

Western and Eastern Capes. The trip

starts in Cape Town before heading

to the town of Beaufort West to ride around a local game reserve. From here you shall head to Addo Elephant park which is home to the 'Big Five'. After spending the last couple nights in the African bush, you will get the chance to ride around the Eastern Capes largest town which is perfectly situated on a stunning piece of coast line. From here, the Garden Route is followed back making stops in Knysna and a couple other coastal game reserves. The tour finishes with wine tasting in Stellenbosch and a trip to Robben Island.  

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