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“Thank you again very much for the absolutely memorable mountain bike tour I will really never forget! Perfect organized, very uncomplicated and flexible, great fun, cool guide, highest quality! ...

It was a great trip, awesome mountain biking! And Jamie was a great and reliable guide, a funny guy and seemed to have everything under control at any time and not to forget, a good cook. It was just a great time, much nicer and much more impressive than expected, very well organized from A to Z.” – Jan and Claudia

“Having lived in South African for over 30 years, it is always exciting seeing new areas but also revisiting old areas in a different way. We rode around Kimberley and a couple nature reserves in the area which we had just never thought of doing. The riding difficulty was completely tailored around our standard and we were never made to feel out of our depths. The whole tour was very well organised, food was fantastic and Ian dealt very well with unexpected situations along the way for example when the trailer had a mechanical and repairs were required. We will definitely travel with African MTB Adventures again.” – Rob and Julie

African MTB Adventures



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“The aspect of driving to each area, allows for a much better opportunity to explore and really see the reserves. ... Definitely going again.” – Samuel  

“The scenery was breathe taking and the tour was completely tailored to my mountain bike experience and my personal interests. The trip was very well organised and when in the African bush, I felt very safe throughout the entire trip. Overall it was an incredible and memorable experience. I cannot wait to book onto another tour and explore more of South Africa as I have certainly fallen in love with the country.” – Helen 

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