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South Africa 

It is the smaller, private reserves which play a large role in the conservation of many birds, plants and animal species and it is these reserves which shall also be visited throughout the trips. Many of these reserves will be explored by bike, giving you the opportunity to ride on the regularly used animal paths and experience the African bush at its most natural. Larger reserves and National Parks shall also be visited by vehicle giving you the chance to view the larger game, such as the "Big 5", (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino). It is the ambition of African MTB Adventures to provide everyone with the chance to see all corners of South Africa, ranging from the beautiful West including the Winelands round Stellenbosch and Cape Town up to the Dry Northern

Cape, through the natural  rich earth of 

Kimberley and across to  Hustle and Bustle

of Johannesburg and  Pretoria. South

Africa is a country of  extreme highlands

and lowlands, all of which can be

explored by bike.    

Mountain Biking

South African is an immense country of which we believe mountain bikes are the ideal method of transport to explore all corners of it. Mountain bikes allow the rider to explore areas which are not accessible by vehicle while allowing more ground to be covered compared to walking. South Africa is covered with wide open Jeep tracks, twisting forest paths and rolling single track, all of which bring their own excitement and challenges. It is always thrilling riding a mountain bike, whether it is familiar routes or completely new ones. A ride is never the same and it is this excitement which African MTB Adventures wants to share with you in South Africa's beautiful countryside. 

African Mtb Adventures Our Philosophy

Africa is a place which impacts all our senses with ever changing sights, sounds and smells. South Africa is no different. It is a country with an incredible history, cultural variations,  stunning natural environments and national parks. African MTB Adventures started as a result of my ambition to show and allow people to experience all of these elements whilst not just being designated to the standard tourist tracks. Wildlife conservation has always been close to my heart, as I am eager to show and teach people about the wildlife of this magnificent country.    african mtb adventures our philosophy 

African Mtb Adventures Our Philosophy