Mpumalanga is an incredibly beautiful province with incredibly scenic landscapes and an overwhelming amount of wildlife. It borders both Mozambique and Swaziland and is located to the east of Gauteng. The Southern half of the Kruger National park is located here with the Northern half is in the Limpopo Province. 

Mbombela is the Provincial Capital City and is the administrative and business hub of the Lowveld region. Along with this, there are 4 other important towns. eMalahleni is where the regions coal mining occurs, Standerton has a large dairy industry, Sabie is the countries forestry heartland and it is around Piet Retief where tropic fruit and sugar is grown.

South Africa's major coal-fired power stations are located in Mpumalanga which is due to the province having large coal reserves and responsible for 80% of the countries coal. Three of the power stations located here are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Along with coal, forestry and agriculture are other large forms of industry within the province. 

land and wildlife

Mpumalanga is the second smallest province after Gauteng with a total land area of 76 495 square kilometres and only taking up 6.3% of the countries land. 

There are 3 main vegetation and land formations within the province. It is mainly formed of a high plateau grassland biome with a transitional escarpment area covered with dense forests and thundering waterfalls. The final change is from the escarpment into lowveld and the savanna biome.

The province is a summer rainfall area. Snow can occur in the high ground of the escarpment while mist is common during the hot, humid summers.

Mpumalanga is an incredibly fertile region and responsible for the growth of many subtropical fruit such as mangoes, avocados, litchis, bananas and papayas. Not only is it an area for subtropical fruit, but a variety of nuts, vegetables, citrus fruits, cotton, tabacco and wheat are also grown there just to name a few. The forestry regions  of the province are ideal hiking and biking areas with numerous nature reserves. Lake Chrissie is South Africa's largest freshwater lake with a huge variety of aquatic birds including flamingos. 

mpumalanga: quick facts

  • Provincial Capital City: Mbombela

  • Languages: 27.7% siSwati, 24.1% isiZulu, 

10.4% Xistonga, 10.1% isiNdelbele

  • Population: 4 039 939 (2011) 

  • Share of SA population: 7.8%

  • Area: 76 495 square kilometres

  • Share of total SA area: 6.3%

general information


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