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12 day trip
4 - 8 person From  £ 2600.00 p.p

(Group size is not limited to 4 or 8, the maximum is 8 people but can be any number

below that. Please contact me for a quote based on your group size.)


English Speaking guide

​Transport to and from the airport in South Africa

Transport around South Africa while on tour

3 meals per day

Bottled water and bananas

Guide throughout the trip with additional guides while in the Game reserves.

​Entrance fee to all reserves

​Back up vehicle

All accommodation which consists of game lodges, mountain lodges and B&B's



​​Bikes (Bikes are available to hire or you can bring your own)

Alcoholic beverages


Additional activities not discussed before trip

Eastern South Africa

and Lesotho 

Best time: May - August

This tour combines technical riding with a large amount of stamina as well as historical locations, 2 different countries and views for miles.

All the action starts off in Sandton which is a suburb just outside of Johannesburg. It is here where the first night shall be spent before setting off early the next morning to Rorkes Drift where you shall stay two nights. A guided tour of the areas war history will be given as well as riding through the local farms and mountain regions.

Rorkes Drift and Isandlwana is an area which has played a significant part in the history of South Africa and its people. Isandlwana is the location which changed the British Empires perception of the Zulu people and their warriors. The Zulu's did not only defeat the British at the battle of Isandlwana on the 22 January 1879 but wiped them out entirely.

That same day, another regiment of the Zulu army comprising of 4500 men marched on to Rorkes drift and to a mission station which was being held by only 139 British Troops. Unlike the huge British defeat at Isandlwana, the battle of Rorkes drift has gone down in history for the exact opposite reason. The small British regiment defeated the Zulus and only losing 17 men in the process.

This whole area and along the Tugela River have seen their fair share of battles which also includes the Boer War between the Afrikaans and the British.   

From Rorkes, you shall head down to one of South Africa's best bike parks where the day will be spent riding the numerous trails and warming up your legs in preparation for the trips highlight. This night shall be spend on coast just East of Durban.

On the fifth night, the accommodation is 18km from the base of Sani Pass in the town of Underberg. This whole region is mountainous with spectacular views being seen in every direction. An afternoons gentle riding will be done around the area and taking in as much of the fresh mountain air as possible.

​Early the next morning, we shall set off along the road towards Sani Pass and the Kingdom of Lesotho. Sani Pass is a 24km climb covering a vertical distance of 1332 meters. It is a challenging climb and has become a well known 4x4 route to test peoples driving abilities. With an ultimate height of 2876 meters about sea level, a number of stops will be made to take in the views and have a warm drink when possible. The tour takes place at the beginning of South Africa's winter and can therefore become very cold with the possibility of even snow and ice on the route up the pass.

On arrival at the top, having gone through the border post between South Africa and Lesotho, the next two nights accommodation shall be awaiting you along with the highest pub in Africa whose specialty drink is lovely warm malt wine.

Lesotho is a country which has very few roads due to the rural existence of its inhabitants. As a result of this way of living, ponies are a main mode of transport and it is a combination of these pony trails and dirt tracks which shall be ridden while in the country.

After spending two nights at the top of the pass, you shall then get the exhilarating opportunity to descend the pass and ride to a nature reserve in the local area.

The world renowned Drakensberg mountains is where the next three nights will be spent. Throughout the region, there are a number of trails which weave in and out, and up and down the mountains and link many of the lodges. This means you shall ride between two different lodges while staying in the mountains. Not the whole area is accessible by bike but is still well worth seeing. Therefore, on the second full day in the mountains, you shall get the opportunity to hike one of the region's most spectacular routes which includes climbing chains ladders to get to the top of the plateau where fantastic views down the valley shall await you. 

​Based on the weather conditions and whether or not you have a riding light, a night ride may also be possible while in the Drakensberg. There is very little light pollution in this region which means there are truly spectacular star filled night skies glistening over the hill tops.

After the 3 nights in the Drakensberg mountains, there is a 3 hour drive back to Johannesburg where you shall spend your final night and have your bike cleaned for you ready for your flight home. 

(Tour length and type of accommodation can be adjusted to suit your needs or budget. For an adjusted quote, feel free to contact me.)