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African Mtb Adventures About Us

african mtb adventures about us

Biking with African mtb adventures

Distances and speed are set by you as the guests. While participating on an A MTB A trip, the majority of the riding will be set in specific stopover locations. From these points, circular routes will be ridden which means we do not have any time restrictions or urgencies to get from one location to the next. Various routes will be planned from each location and based on how the group feels, the riding distances for the different days can be increased or decreased. By carrying out circular routes, it also makes it all about the riding. There is no need to carry excess equipment with you while biking. Based on the lengths of the chosen routes, we can either return to camp for lunch or the group can just decide to stop midway for a snack and something to drink. 

We will then drive between the various stopovers and ride out from there again. The additional benefit of not needing to ride between locations is that if not all participants feel ready for another ride or would like to participate in an external activity, they can decide to stay at camp and join us on a later ride when they ready.  

African MTB Adventures is a mountain bike adventure company owned and run by Ian Armstrong, an enthusiastic mountain biker and conservationist. The company specialises in custom tours to South Africa with the ambition to show people as much as possible within this beautiful country. It is not about just sticking to the tourist routes but also riding the lesser known trails and showing mountain bike enthusiasts an exciting part of the world. 
African MTB Adventures offers a variety of tours throughout South Africa and if you let us know your specific requirements, we will create an adventure which meets your needs. We accommodate for tour groups of up to 8 people. We create tours for groups of friends, colleagues or biking clubs instead of focusing on individual riders. The reason for this is because the groups will then already be familiar with one another, understanding the general fitness levels and technical riding abilities of those involved ensuring individuals will not be put under pressure.  Safety is of paramount importance and by riding with familiar people, the technical abilities will not be pushed to excessive levels by needing to keep up with other unknown group members.

It is the aim of African MTB Adventures to ensure all riders have a fantastic trip to South Africa, enjoying the company of fellow riders, the wildlife and seeing as much of the areas visited as possible.

Come and join us on a custom tour to see and ride precisely what you want. 

travel to South Africa this year

First time to South Africa? We suggest you avail yourself of one of the many expertly guided tours. You'll be able to get the best of South Africa with a custom package that presses all your travel buttons.

see sights you'll never forget

Every province in South Africa contains a number of special places which are dying to be explored. Take a look at our custom tours pages and see which provinces jump out and tickle your fancy. Tours will be planned specifically around you and your group.  

Our Philosophy 

A ride is never the same and it is this ever-changing thrill which African MTB Adventures wants to share with you whilst in South Africa's beautiful countryside. We would like you to experience this excitement in a number of different locations throughout the country while being surrounded by friends and family.